Proud to introduce you to our women nft project​


In one of the distant galaxies, there was a planet called Love. All kinds of creatures lived here in peace and harmony with themselves and each others.

One day, the scientists of the Love Planet noticed negative vibes from the Earth.

At first, scientists had difficulty decoding the signals but then they realized that these signals have subtext like sexism, discrimination which we can define as the opposite of love.

Scientists send to Earth four sisters who tasked with spreading love entire universe.

Sample image for Love Metaverse


The mission of the Sisters who come from the Love Planet is to make the Love Metaverse which will be created in the future more peaceful place. Their goals are to transform negativity in the world and create a new Love Metavers where every living creature lives in peace and harmony.

Four sisters, each with their own distinct looks, character and style: Jane,  Lisa, Mary and Penelope. 
Jane is free-spirited and helpful. Lisa is emotional and friendly. 
is rebellious and unique. Penelope is brave and curious.


Sisters NFT- Sister Jane Animation


Sisters NFT - Sister Lisa


Sisters NFT - Sister Lisa Animation


Sisters NFT Collection - Sister Penelope


Each NFT Sisters is uniquely hand drawn and programmatically created.

Sisters were created with different colors and themes according to her own character traits and uniq story, to ensure that each piece is a separate piece of art.

Holders will earn income by renting their Sisters NFTs.

Each Sisters NFTs will be released separately. First sister Jane’s drop on March 8, 2022.

You can find detailed information on our roadmap and FAQ.

Sisters NFT Collection - Girls Gifs


Lets wait few more days to get rarity details and Super Rare Sisters



Sisters NFT's creator and artist Mutlu Ceren

I’m a visual artist based in Istanbul. I mostly focused on character design.
Also i’ve been working as a freelancer in
different fields of advertising industry for 10 years. I am so excited about Sisters NFT Project.

– Mutlu Ceren

Sisters are Amazing


​Sisters NFTs are your gateway to the Love Metaverse, where you can be whoever you want and live freely. Sisters NFT is a randomly generated collection, uniquely and randomly selected from millions of options with more than 800 drawings in Polygon blockchain.

The first sister Jane will go on general sale on March 8, International Women’s Day, 2022.

Just 11 Matic(About 15 $). Yes, this will be your most profitable investment. Next drops will be more expensive.

​There are over 780 different attributes to get and each one has its own rarity.

​Information about the features and rarities about the Sisters will be shared after the first drop. ​There will be 10 rare 1/1s unique Sis Stars!


Sisters NFT, which is the first segment of the main ‘Love Metaverse’ project is driven by a young multidisciplinary team directed by four sisters from university, have over 10 years experince in digital production and game development.

They spent many years working on digital projects at worldwide studios, their various experience inspired them to come together for the Love Metavers project.  

Sisters Project Team Member 1


Sisters Project Team Member 2

Concept Designer

Sisters Project Team Member 3

Web 3 Developer

Sisters Project Team Member 4

Game Developer

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